Zapped Critters

Sitting here with the only living being that cares if I live, or die makes me wonder why. I dedicated my life to protect others. The stupid, the simple and the unknowing. Why did I get shot for someone who never cared?  I got some really nasty e-mails from idiots who thought I was heartless for laughing when that squirrel got zapped. I hope it is dumb enough to be back in the morning. I would love to see it get 10,000 volts while I'm enjoying my morning tea.

To the idiots who think I'm heartless, just drag your usless butts over here and teach the coons and squirrels to STAY THE HELL OFF OF MY BIRD FEEDERS!  I'll put the Zapper away, just like I never carry my side arm on duty. Fat chance.
lonepoet lonepoet
51-55, M
1 Response Aug 1, 2010

you stupid stupid man. i feel so sorry for you. for your mentality. the animals are doing what comes natural and we are invading their space as they were here first. if i could i would turn you in to aspca for inhuman acts on an animal. if you cant be kind to animals then i know for sure you dont have a soul and cant be kind to humans either. am glad you not my neighbor.