This Feels Horribe.....

I just got out of a horrible break up of a 3 yr. relationship, I was dumped, I was lied on to seem like a horrible gf even though I was very good to him . I supported him while he was in the military and he broke up with me right before he came home from being discharged. He lied and said I had another guy and wasnt being supprtive of him. He hopped right into a relationship 2 weeks later. It hurts so much, I am trying hard to get past it but he is showing off their relationship on facebook with pictures, saying she is the best thing that ever happened. He introduced me to this girl at his going away party a few months before ,she has smiled in my facee, she added me on fb and aked me for his mailing address while he was away, all the while me and him were together. He acts like he hates me now. His friends and family dislike me now, and it looks like I have been left for the other girl. Everyone is supporting him and happy for him. Even his ex gf before me told him his new gf was a cutie pie and that she was better than me. This makes me feel so low and uglier than the new girl. Im trying not to dwell in this and I know I need to suck it up and move forward but I do not know how. I feel spit on and betrayed in front of a lot of people. And to be honest Im embarrassed. How can I get my self esteem back up and put this in the past? I feel like im worthless 

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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Hell girl , don't be depressed be happy:) Obviously you were too young to make right choice, you should be happy its over .

It WILL take you time to get over this. There is no magic cure.<br />
However, consider this.<br />
Do you really want to spend any more time on a jerk like him? NO<br />
If people can buy his lies so easily, they were never your friends to begin with and you are better off being rid of them.<br />
The good that you have done supporting him is to your credit and no one can take it away from you.<br />
How do you get your self-esteem back? Tell yourself that he is jerk and write down 5 good things about yourself everyday. Focus on that.<br />
Oh, and please remove him and his gf present or ex from your facebook. You don't need constant reminders.