My Battle With Depression

i have battled with dpression i would say all my life to some extent. i was diagnosed with clintical spression at age 36, and was hospiltalized for two weeks. i was on many anti depressants since age 36. nothing seems to help me. i am on disability now i have been for many years. i never know when i can get out of bed. i get real pain inside of me and i can't move. i take adderral for my add which i thinks helps better than the medication for the depression. i am also on cymbalta and abilify and ativan for my anxiety. i really hate taking all this medication.this is very hard for me to sit here and type this. i get very jittery. i am not very good with the computer.
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

it may not help at first but sometimes writing helps. Even if you feel like you say the same things, just say them, get them out in the open and once you are comfortable with the writing and sharing deeper meaning comes. I'm not saying that if you blog for a week your going to feel better, it might even make you feel worse at first, but expressing those feelings, ranting about how you feel listless and never want to do anything will eventually help. I only take lexapro right now and still feel like the hardest thing to do is get out of bed in the morning. Take up a hobby, learn something new and easy. Try painting, just go to wally world and grab a little kids paint set and play with the colors, not even making real shapes or images. If you get water colors and water color paper, you can even wash the paint off and start again if you dont like what you created. The people on this site are helpful too. It's easy to make friends and truely be who you are, with no judgments at EP.

what great advice and well written. writing about my feelings help me and ep has become a hobby to me which also helps me to cope. thanks