Here We Go Again

it's so painful to cry when you know there is no one around to put their arms around you, especially the one that broke your heart. it's so painful to know that love hurts this much and put you so down, down and you can't get up. it's so painful.... depression comes right back at you, stabbing your heart over and over again but who really cares anyway... all you need to do is wipe that stupid tears of yours... give a straight face and walk to class... like no one's watching. who really cares anyway... all everyone wants to do is break your heart and think nothing more of you. break your heart. if i could swear one thing, i would never want to love again, ever again. this hurts too much and i cry too much... and nobody really cares anyway. your pain is yours alone, nobody really knows what you feel unless they feel what you feel.... if only death is here to take me away....
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

thank you...

I know It's very painful. But when you cry , you get some release. When you suppress yourself too much, just cry. you will be fine after few months. <br />
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I am not strong enough, now I am taking meds, cause I get depression for 3 months, I can not hold on anymore. <br />
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But you are young, you will meet someone better than your ex. Just live, live, then something will change slowly.<br />
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best wish to you!