Boy Trouble

Okay So I Like This Guy Nd Honestly This Guy Makes Me Really Happy.
Ive Been Talkin To Him For About A Month Or More.
Nd I Met Him On Mocospace Which I Know Is The Worst Way To Meet
Someone Cause They Can Be Like A Perv In Disguise. But This Guy Hes Not.
Hes Really Nice, Hes Really Funny Nd Hes Just Amazing. Everytime We Talk
We Are Always Sayin Mean Things To Each Other But It Always Ends Up In A Jk
Or Jp Way. So I Guess Thats Flirtin Right? Well The First Time He Had Calld Me
I Got So Nervous, Like I Had Never Felt This Way Before. Im Grown Im 17 Yrs Old.
But When I Saw Him Calln Me I Askd My 14 Yr Old Cousin What To Do Because I Got So Nervous.
Which Is Retarded But I Remember I Got Butterflies In My Stomach Nd I Just Didnt Know What To Do.
But I Finally Answered Nd We Were Talkn Nd I Remember Him Telln Me That I Shouldnt Be Shy To Talk
To Him Cause He Likes Me Already. But This Was Like Last Week. Now This Week One Night We Were Txtn
Nd I Forgot What He Said But I Remember I Said Whatever You Know Your Talkin To Other Girls Like That
Nd Hes Like No Im Not Nd Im Like Uhh Huh Sure, Nd Hes Like No Babe For Reals. Nd Stupidly I Believed Him.
But Later Later That Night After We Stopped Txtn I Went On His Page Nd Theres This Other Girl Who Hes Talkn
To Nd Shes Calln Him Babe Nd All This Stuff Nd Im Like Wtf? Like I Was Sad Nd Mad But More Mad Because
The Fact That He Lied To Me You Know? So I Had Told My Friend Whos Like A Brother To Me Nd He Said He Was
An ******* Nd He Didnt Deserve Me Nd I Shouldnt Waste My Time On Him. Nd I Was Like Yeah I Agree
Nd I Told My Friend That I Wasnt Gonna Talk To Him As Much Nd That If He Wantd To Talk To Me HE Will Txt Me
Nd Call Me. Nd Lately Hes Been Doin That, But Now The More We're Talkn The More I Forget What Hes Doin
Nd I Like Him More Nd More. Nd Last Night We Talkd For About 4 Hrs Or More Nd It Was Weird Because We Had Never
Had A Conversation Like This. He Was Telln Me That He Likes Me For Who I Am Nd How I Am Nd That Even Though
We Barely Know Each Other That He Cares For Me Nd He Doesnt Want Nothin Bad To Happen To Me Nd Im Over Here Like
Awww. But I Kept Sayn You Know Guys Are All The Same, They Will Never Change, Nd Hes Like No Thats Not True.
Nd Im Like Yeah It Is, They Are Jerks They Can Never Treat A Girl Right They Cheat Nd Are Players Nd Hes Like
Maybe Your Hangin Round With The Wrong Kind Of People Nd Im Like Yeahh Maybe Nd Hes Like What Am I? Nd Im Like
Uhh Change The Subject Because I Was Talkn Bout Him But Not Directly But I Wantd Him To Know How I Feel Bout
Guys Bein The Same Nd Hes Like Well Im Not Gonna Lie Nd Say That Im Not Like Them But Im Gonna Say That I Am Not
Gonna Treat a Girl Like That. So Im Like Okayy Whatever. Nd Idk We Were Havin A Conversation Nd He Was Admittin To Me
That He Really Likes Me Nd All This Nd That He Loves Me, Nd Im Like Pretendin I Didnt Hear Nd I Said What? Nd Hes Like Nothin Nothin
Nd Im Like Tell Me Nd Hes Like I Like You. So What I Need Is Advice Nd Im So Sorry This Is Long.  But I Need Help. What Should I Do?
I Want To Tell Him I Like Him Nd That I Dont Like How Hes Telln Girls Babe This Nd Babe That. I Just Need Help FAST!!
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18-21, F
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

I'm sorry but i'll be really honest:<br />
<br />
First and foremost, this post does not belong under "I battle depression". This is typical, rite-of-passage teenage stuff. <br />
<br />
To answer your desperate cry for help, drop him like a hot potato. You'll find something better and save yourself the heartache and trouble he's causing you now. <br />
<br />
And learn to use "and" instead of "Nd".