I've Suffered For... 12 Years

I know that sounds odd as a 19 year old saying that I've suffered since I was 7, but I realized not long ago that this is how it is. It started when I was in my adoptive home. I was abused pretty severely everyday. Eventually, my ribs were broken and a chunk of my hip got knocked out after a bad shove. But anyway. I've struggled with depression so much for years and I've been in and out of therapy with numerous places and companies, paying, not paying etc...

It's been an awful struggle and to top off depression, it's PTSD, Anorexia, Bulimia and self harm. Probably forgotten something there!

But yeah... I like to help people who also struggle, I use my own experiences to help and it's what I live for right now. If I didn't live for taht, I'd live for nothing. Odd I know.

Anyway, I am now doing art therapy and am finding it really useful! Anyone can give it a try and I recommend it :)
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

How is it odd saying you've suffered since you were 7? It can occur at any age. Young children are stil sentiant life forms, they're still human, so they're still vulnerable to the same emotions and restrictions that face adults later on. I don't think it sounds silly at all.<br />
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You look like you've got quite a fair bit of emotional baggage on you from before, and have found yourself in a nasty battle with the repercussions of it ever since. I feel for you, but the very idea that you've not only survived up till now, but also have the realization to stand up and admit what's what, takes so much courage and strength, as long as you're aware of that.<br />
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You said the force that was maintaining your survival, was knowing you can use your experience to emphasize and help others, so in a way despite the unjustified ordeal you went through, you grew out of it and were able to turn a bad past into a key that benefits others in the future, and which turns you into a better person. In a way, that's quite beautiful.x