No Privacy Everywhere I Go

I hate lack of privacy, because now I'm a national recongnized woman wherever I go, and there are people who analyzed me by looking into my life detailed using extrodinary technology can attack me any time they want. It's very insulting and embarassing and lack of the basic respect for my privacy and personal life. The most embarrassing thing is when I'm taking a shower or bath, they are watching and talking at my ear, I'm thinking to myself, oh god, I'm naked and they can see me naked. When I'm touching my private parts when taking a shower, i cannot help feel very humiliate by realizing they are feeling my private parts too.

The most untolerable thing is they don't like what I look like, they said I'm ugly, I shouted why you do not watch me? They said firmly because I am  a " *****, teach you, no options, physical", they said I'm like an actress for them, they filmed a big scene vedio through my head, which 100% exposed my privacy, and lots of "**** ya" scene and shouts of lots of people. Sometimes I can feel they touched my uterus, like a rape and very humiliating.

I live without any privacy for twenty four hours as long as I'm awake, I hate being watched without privacy and they humilate me by words.

What can I do to stop them, I called the police, mayor line, lawyer, they said I imagine those things, because I can just hear their voices but I cannot see those people, but what they talk is exactly what happened to my life, and some of them I don't even know, they never showed a face in my life, but I can hear them.

I hate the life without privacy, who can help me on this site? I want to share the experience with people who is also lack of privacy, let's spit it out and announce to the whole world, we hate LACK OF PRIVACY! 

Zhang Lu
From China

jennylu72 jennylu72
Aug 9, 2010