Sometimes You Walk Through The Fire.

In the past few years I have lost a Grandson, a Sister, my Dad, and my Son. I have struggled through a bitter neverending divorce from a man who was physically, emotionally and verbally abusive for over 30 years. I lost my business because of my divorce and my boyfriend is overseas. some days it seems like I just can't make it through. I can't find a job. And, everytime something bad happens in my life I can hear my ex tell me that's my punishment. I have been told I'm worthless for so long, I had been brainwashed into believing it. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person, all alone in the world.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

Moving on is easier said than done - especially when you're grieving so many losses. I found it helped to keep busy and focus just on the small things of that day. I couldn't take the bigger picture. But I did it just one day at a time and eventually I had survived that spate of massive losses. And that was a start. <br />
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Hang on in there!