Don't Feel Like Anything

today i don't feel anything.. nothing.. i'm just a nothing, here but taking up space. ok no, i feel mad actually i'm mad that my husband won't keep a damn job and i'm mad that it's too damn hot outside to enjoy where i live and i'm mad i can't have a baby and i'm mad cause i feel stuck....but besides that i just feel blaaaaaaah. i need a slap in the face or maybe just something to happen i don't care what (knock on wood) just something to change... the truth is i like going to my job i enjoy where i live i like who i am... but i'm bored out of my mind as well. what is wrong with me? Why can't i be happy if i enjoy all this? grrrr
howaboutnow howaboutnow
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Me Too.

I can relate. I have tried every med under the sun for depression and nothing helps. I feel hopeless.

because your human and sometimes want a bit more out of life, there's nothing wrong with that! x