I Was Wrong, I Am Not Strong.

It's Friday, 1:05 o'clock.  After being back,  loggedd in MSN, and lay on bed, listened to the music for glooming, and then slept.  it's just Friday when I woke up.  Suddenly I feel so extreme lonely.  What's a silent night!

I have been taken meds for 2 weeks.  But it can not work on me since yesterday I contacted with him.  I thought I am already strong enough to talk with him.  But every word from him about his fiance, it's just like pins stitching in my heart,  making a more wider wounded cut on me.  Head began to pain again.   Dreams about him came again. 

I say to myself it will be ok, it will be ok,  will it be ok?     

savannasu savannasu
Aug 12, 2010