I Was Diagnost With Manic Depression

this was some years ago,i was prescribed lithium,but i overdosed on it,then i had to find something else,i read about DLPA,i tried it and it worked for me,i take 500mg fifteen mins before food once a day,it has really cheered me up,i am bi polar but the DLPA has smoothed out my mood swings,i get it from the health food shop holland&barratt.com it's not expensive,and i can't believe how it has changed my life.i don't get suicidal thoughts any more,i am to put it simply happy,and i never thought i would be,.i lost my oldest son,got divorced,lost my house and was mentally all over the place.i liked prozac i was on 60mg a day it put a smile on my face but *****d me up sexually i could'nt get it up on prozac.at my worst i was on my knees with a loaded and cocked sawn off shotgun in my mouth,if the trigger had been more sensitive i would'nt be here now,but all that is behind me now and i'm looking to the future i hope this story helps someone beat depression i have,fingers crossed.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

i got tooth ache and DLPA is also a pain killer in higher doses,i'm now on 1.5grams a day,it has taken away the pain but i still have the tingly feeling on my tooth but no pain and i'm happier than i have been for a long time,i've got a new flat and i'm trying to fill it up,buying everything all over again is hard and keeps me broke,i don't know where my next penny is coming from,but i'm happy to be here.i wish i had found DLPA sooner,it works for me and i hope it works for you.from what i have read about it it does'nt work for between five and fifteen per cent of people,lucky it works for me.x

i'm now on 1 gram a day,taken fifteen mins before food twice a day,thats 500mg twice a day,not 1 gram twice a day,the max dosage for depression is 1.5 grams a day,good luck all..x