Nothing Special

It's not that I'm always sad, it's that I never seem to be genuinely happy. Maybe for a few hours a day, but never for a whole day, or a whole week. Pretty much I go up and down. Sometimes (like now) I feel horrible and other times I feel alright.

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When I feel down, I try to think of the homeless and the starving people in the world. This sounds kinda dumb to most people but I usually forget about my troubles.<br />
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Many of us are truly blessed if we would just stop and look at the blessings we have. <br />
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I know this wasn't a very good post but I posted anyway. : ) You can delete it if you like. : ) I would be tempted to. lol

If you have felt this way for a long time, you might share my problem" dysthymia. With dysthymia, you never feel really happy or suicidally bad. It's long lasting depression.<br />
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Of course, it could be that your life isn't going particularly well for you right now. Maybe you don't have anything to be happy about. Sadness can arise from within and without.

Happiness is somewhat over-rated nowadays, I think. We feel either duped or inadequate if we don't always feel 'happy'. We can't and we probably shouldn't anyway. Go with fulfilled, challenged and mindful instead. Watch yourself in a semi-detatched way if possible and celebrate the little moments that make up your day. All the best, Tinky

That is the episodic nature which can be so maddening. At least if it were consistent it would be easier to deal with.

That's right, we keep fighting and hope that the next day is better.

I understand that feeling. There are days when I am ok and other days when I don't want to even get out of the bed because I am so sad. But we keep fighting, right?