Depression suffered from depression for many years now, in fact since my son died, I take medication on and off (am off it at the moment). I've seen lots of different counsellors, with varying degrees of sucess, but decided that, in the end, Im the only one who can help myself. I do have a good family who are very supportive but I dont like imposing on them, I mean lifes difficult enough and everyone has their own problems. Some days are better than others....and then of course you have the anniversary, birthdays, Mothers'Day, Christmas etc. Life goes on and I owe it to my other children/grandchildrento keep going.
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please vore me

please vote me

You really have a lot of courage. Not many people can see things the way you do and decide to keep going on. I hope you feel better! I also hope you'll have an easier time.

So how are you doing these days?

Hey , You have to come to terms with it and understand that so you got 50% of the problem resolve. Many people can not realise it. <br />
<br />
How you doing ?

I know - but you will get there sweety !

Youre a brave lady :)

you are because you've chosen to swim and not sink. Which you have to be brave to do x

im so sorry to hear that :(. But its good you can see that you do have positive things in your life. How many grandchildren?

I feel for you and understand some.. My daughter died at 33 and she always was in contact with me and Yes Birthdays and Fathers Day,. well they are just an other day now. I get down ,,Just lucky I feel her strengh , and keep going... just a little slower though..

I understand how you feel. I was diagnosed with depression and at one time given Lexapro and then later Pristiq. I have been like this on and off for over 18 years. Coping is hard to do. Without my family and my friends and my sheer will I wouldn't be where I am today. If you need someone to talk to I am here.

I can't even imagine what you are going through. Hope peace finds you.

That really is terrible. I lost my dad at a young age and still have not got over it. You expect to outlive your parents but not your kids. Anyone with a soul would not feel burdened by you expressing your hurt and sorrow to them.<br />
I hope time does prove to be a great healer to you.

Reading this makes me want to hold you in my arms, i lost my fiancé 5 years ago, we got caught up in shootout and pronounced dead.<br />
Im here and she isnt, ive put my Magnum in my throat and came close to pulling the trigger.<br />
Most nights after killing and chasing criminals i drink as much beer as i can buy some marlboros and enjoy the silence.<br />
Being LAPD helps, i love the job, my work partner and his family are my only friends, i like it that way.<br />
LAPD think im crazy, i am but im good at my job.<br />
I hope you dont do what i do, if i hadn't used all the shells in my magnum up last night i wouldn't be here.

Have you considered a holiday to some place you have never been..?

I hate being medicated but I guess it's better than the alternative. I'm bipolar. I can empathize. with the loss of a loved one, but there's nothing worse than losing a child. Bless you..

I see hope for you, its going to be alright. You made an important discovery, that its up to you and noone else, it is the road to freedom

You are very fortunate to have a supportive family. I do not. I have lived in a sexless marriage for 10 years now. At times I have certainly been very depressed and have had thoughts of just ending it all.<br />
I went to a councilor and she has helped me. I would like our relationship to go into a intimate one but I know that would not be proper although she turns me on. Her best advise was to exercise. So I joined a club and work out 5 days a week. I go when most of the women are there and get a position on a treadmill where I can watch the behinds lol. The exercise truly helps and cheers me up. <br />
I wish you the best and hope you find peace. Hugs to you.

your so lucky to have your family round you. i lost my mammy three years back and i still havnt come to terms with it. cant think what it would be like to lose a child. take care now x