First Time Smoking Weed. Crazy Story..

         Hey people. Last Saturday night (I’m writing this on Monday night) around midnight with my roommates I smoked weed for the first time. I have never smoked anything before so this was very new to me. So I took one puff of a blunt and then they took out a bong. My friend lit it for me and I took a 5-10 second puff and blew out. I don’t remember feeling any effects from that first one. It just tasted really, really bad in my throat and left a kind of bad aftertaste. So the bong was passed around and I took 1 more puff for about 5-10 seconds again. I had a sore throat at the time and I remember the smoke burning my throat A LOT b/c it must have agitated my sore throat. I told them I didn't want to smoke anymore b/c of my throat and they were fine with that.
   What happened next was something scary that I had never experienced. I was in the room with them and all of a sudden I find my self looking up at the ceiling for a few seconds and then drifting back into "consciousness" a few seconds later. It was as if I had lost control of my self for a few seconds and when I came back into reality, it was like a mini flashback. So then it happened again and I started to panic b/c I didn’t know if this was what being high really felt like or if there was something seriously wrong with me. I had taken a prescription antibiotic pill for my sore throat for the first time earlier that night so I was very paranoid that it was a lethal combination with the weed. My friends told me that weed doesn’t effect meds and also that the info with the meds didn’t say anything about no weed or even alcohol. So being the slight hypochondriac that I normally am, you can imagine what I was feeling at the time.
        Then I went for the door to leave the room in which I almost fell on someone on the way out. It felt like I was in a dream, more like a nightmare actually. I then ran outside where it was drizzling hoping to "walk it off." But it didn’t work and I was scared out of my mind. Everything seemed to slow down a bit and every view seconds I seemed to drift off and then regain a sense of what happened. Almost like a mini flashback of the last view seconds. It’s very hard to describe. Now I am a very sensible person. But I tend to do crazy things when I have a little panic attack. I used to have them as a kid when I was lost or I didn't know where my dad was. As a kid, I would go paranoid and start thinking that I would be lost forever or that I would never see my family again. So having a panic attack while also being high for the first time was something that I had never experienced before in my life and must have magnetized the panic effects. I don’t know if what I did next was the panic attack that I may have had or if it was the weed or if it was both. I started to run outside and begged for the effects to stop. But it didn’t and I slammed my water bottle down and yelled ****! I was as scared as ever that something was very wrong with my body. I tried to convince my self that this was normal but being the kind of hypochondriac that I am, I just couldn’t do it. I just kept thinking that the weed combination with the meds somehow affected my brain and the effects would go on forever. I ran back into the apartment and asked told a couple of my roommates what I was feeling. I felt stupid in a couple different ways. Stupid in one sense that I had trouble describing how I felt. It is hard to describe now so you can imagine how hard it was then. I tried to tell them my effects and that I wasn’t sure if this was normal or if I had a serious problem. I also felt stupid because I had trouble making out the words and completing a sentence without stuttering. It seemed like my words were going slow and now upon thinking about it, I sounded like a typical pothead portrayed on TV where they talked slow and said seemingly random things. Finally, I felt stupid in the sense that I was way overreacting to this and in the morning I would feel like a complete idiot for tripping out over nothing. I tried to tell my roommates that this would be either really funny in the morning because of how trippy I was acting over just being high, or it would be very scary in the morning if the effects were still lasting and I was really damaged.
They told me to come inside and “Enjoy it” or “Get some sleep” but I couldn’t do either and was determined to get the effects off of me. I think I mentioned how I may have needed to go to the hospital if the effects worsened. It was a weird feeling because it felt like I wasn’t in control of myself for the first time in my life during the constant few seconds that I “Drifted off.” By “In control” I don’t mean that I would do impulsive things, but rather didn’t know what was going on. Now I’m certain that my extreme worrying exaggerated the effects because my mind was thinking out the worst possible scenarios. I’m not even sure if I was having real effects or if I was artificially creating them because I was so paranoid. But yet again, the paranoia was because of the weed so it could have been both. But either way, I don’t even think I would of liked the effects of being high even if I had KNEW this was completely normal and would go away. Knowing myself, I might flip out again because even now I’m not sure if the effects I had were normal. So I then started to walk outside still hoping to somehow walk off the effects. I ran into someone I knew and asked her to help. So we sat down for a couple minutes and I tried to describe what was going on but I felt kind of "Dumb" and I couldn’t really explain it. She said I sounded really hyper and I thought she was being sarcastic because I felt like I was talking in a slow pace. I think it was because I felt really slow and tried to talk fast to make up for it. She also said later on that I was walking in random directions quickly which I believe I was doing because of my panic. I don’t remember everything that was said between us but I suddenly felt like my mouth was dried shut. It felt like my lips and throat was completely absorbed and dry. I kind of felt like I was going to die because I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was panicked and I believe told her repeatedly in a panicked tone, “My mouth is wet. My mouth is wet” when I really meant to say it was dry. She knew what I meant and I rushed inside and sped to the faucet and quickly filled a cup of tap water. I gulped the water as fast as I could and some water fell down on my shirt. I remember thinking how funny my antics probably looked but I wasn’t able to think about that much because of how panicked I was. I don’t know if the dryness was the weed effect or the panic effect. The dry feeling thankfully went right away to my relief.
I wanted to go to bed but I was determined to get rid whatever I was feeling.  But soon I started to realize that it wouldn’t go away that night and I tried to go to bed.  This was kind of hard because I kept drifting in and out thoughts and I simply couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something really wrong with me. I was in bed for about an hour still pretty high and I wasn’t able to get to sleep because of all the thoughts in my head. Every time I almost fell asleep, my head started to pound and I had the urge to move my legs as if there was something on them and I had to shake my leg to get it off. I started to become irrational and was thinking crazy thoughts. I began to wonder if this feeling would ever go away. I began to think that if the feeling didn’t go away then I didn’t know how I would be able to live with myself. I was thinking what I would tell everyone how I felt and what I would do if the effects didn’t fade. I was honestly scared that I wouldn’t wake up or that I would be in a coma or something along those lines. But again, I was being irrational. Around 2 AM, I decided to write a note to put on my door to my 2 roommates so that they would not only wake me up so I could watch football, but to make sure I could wake up. So I basically crawled over fours and scribbled a note saying for them to wake me up at 9 AM.
I was woken up at 9 and could still feel the effects. It wasn’t so much that I was high, but I didn’t feel myself at all. It is almost impossible to explain, but I didn’t feel myself. It kind if felt like I was dumber and wasn’t thinking in my normal state of mind. I also felt like I was still drifting in and out of thoughts but to a much lighter extent then the night before. It had been almost 12 hours since I smoked so I don’t know if the weed was still affecting me or if my mind was playing tricks on me. Either way, I was getting more paranoid that this feeling wasn’t going away. Usually on Sundays I only care about football but this Sunday, I was too worried to focus too much on the games. I was mainly focused on trying to get back to “Normal.” I was feeling unusually tired so I slept from 10-11. When I woke up I was feeling better, but still not normal. I went through the next 5 hours watching football but I could tell that I was not thinking how I normally would. It was almost as if I was more relaxed but I was beginning to fear that I would stay this way forever. Again, I felt tired and pretty out of it so I slept from 4PM-5PM. I had slept only 1 hour but when I woke and saw it was 5 o clock, I thought it was 5 am and figured I had slept for 13 hours. It was not only till I walked into the living room to see my roommate had I realized I had slept only 1 hour rather then 13. I think this exemplifies how the weed was still in my system and was affecting me. I then slept 2 more hours until 7.
I still felt the same after I woke up on that Sunday night. Again, I was completely “Normal” except for the fact that I didn’t feel like my normal self.  I tried to convince myself that I was making this up in my mind but I really felt different. It was almost as if I had forgotten who I really was and this would become the new me. I felt normal at times but I always went back to feeling different.
That night I went to sleep still feeling weird and I was hoping that I would feel back to myself in the morning. I woke up Monday morning and as soon as I woke my eyes, I immediately felt that I was still feeling different. I tried to look at myself in the mirror to try to remind myself of who I really was. It felt weird because I kind of looked at myself differently then I had before. I remember how I still felt different and how I still kind of drifted off for a few seconds at a time. I felt kind of dizzy as I walked outside but I think these effects were being created by my mind because I smoked the weed over 32 hours ago and it wasn’t likely that I was still feeling the effects. I got pretty paranoid that I wouldn’t return back to normal or that I was already normal and my mind wouldn’t allow me to accept that rationale. But I walked outside and got some coffee and I started to feel the effects wear off a bit. I don’t know if the coffee allowed me to think better or if the weed was naturally wearing off after 36 hours, but I began to feel normal again. By 12PM on Monday, I think the effects had completely worn off. It was one of the biggest reliefs ever, to be able to think in my normal state, something that I had taken for granted before.
While saying that I am glad I had this experience is a little over the top, I don’t completely regret it. I would have never in a million years have thought what 2 seemingly simple puffs of smoke could do to my body. It is kind of scary to know that it exists but also comforting to now know the effects it can create. After 36 hours of worrying if I would be able to go back to my normal self, I now won’t take it for granting. Even if the effects I had were being created by my mind or by the weed, I am ultimately glad I smoked it because I now don’t take for granted looking in the mirror and recognizing a familiar face.
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Yea! You have cured your depression.

this isn't even a depression story.....