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In another story KittenHasaWhip explained a few thing's about having depression and I would like to add to it is she dont mind. I want you to try to picture a few thing's in your mind please.

You are hanging a new picture on the wall and must drive in a new nail. you pull the hammer way back and swing. You miss the nail and get your finger. In a flash you are in pain and your temper just went to 100mph and your mouth is at 200 mph.

You just watched a horror movie that scared the be jivver's out of you and you dont want to go to bed because you are scared that death will come out of the darkness and steal you.

You have just had a heart attack and are laying on the sidewalk and you are reaching out to other's for help and understanding but all they do is look at you as they pass you by with a fast, oh come on now you are just fine. So you slowly die.

You have gone to a party and there are 100 hundred other people there but as you look around you feel that not one person in that room can see or hear or even feel that you are there, you are in an empty room all by yourself.

The doctor has just told you that you have a illness that will rob you OF life but will not TAKE your life. You have to live with it and it's effect's for the rest of your life maybe. He will give you pill's that may or may not help and have you come in and talk about it once a week. So all you want to think about is and end that is not in sight unless you take it into your own hand's in which it is sad to say that many today do because they cannot live each day with it.

Now I want you to take just the few thing's that I have listed that dont even touch the tip of thing's. I want you to roll them all into one bundle and turn it into a pill and take it. Now you have depression. Now you have what many of us battle everyday. Now you know how we must live day in and day out. Now you know what FEAR REALLY IS. And you are just starting out and it WILL get worse.

Now I will ask you to do just two more thing's for me. SNAP OUT OF IT AND JUST GET OVER IT. HUH ? YOUR STILL HERE !!!!!
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Thank You WhomGodsDestroy for your comment. Too many people today walk through life with a cold and uncareing heart. No time for the person standing right beside them UNTIL. Until somthing touch's their life and then they want the world to come running to them. A little compassion is such a simple thing to give and it cost's nothing but return's so much to the giver. One should not ask that in which they are willing to give.

Thank You hawk2002 for your comment. I think that all that most people with depression ask for is a little compashion and understanding.

Have to be honest, Robert - I have been there, but boy did that scare me! Way too close to home - but this stuff has to be written. Until there is a general acceptance of just how debilitating the whole thing is in principle, then there can be no point in trying to get understanding of just how individual it can be too.<br />
<br />
I think that is part of the problem. Sure, depression has physical elements; but on the whole, it's not a universal thing which arrives, manifests and then leaves. Like a cold or chicken pox! It's far less visible, affects everyone differently. And sometimes it doesn't leave. <br />
<br />
Thanks for writing that - I am on one of the longest "ups" I can remember, but I keep the reminders, the feelings close by so that I can recognise the sh1t before it hits the fan. I'll add it to the box.

Thank You Miss Boomer. Too many people today have little or no compassion or understand toward's other's but are fast to want some. I learned a long time ago to be careful in what I say as it has a way of comming back on you.

I never dreamed that my life would be as it is now. No one asks for depression or chooses it over happiness. It's a true illness as is diabetes, or something else else you don't "see" as Robert said,<br />
kittykat too, and those awful words people say to you make it worse. There are far too many disabling ailments that people suffer from and others who are ignorant of what a person goes through and should keep thier mouths shut. One day they find themselves in the same predicament<br />
and will eat crow. I hope.

Thank You wattahappiness for your response. Everyday I wake up withdepression and go to bed with it at nite. It is the one thing that I can count on to be contstant in my life right now BUT I am learning also. I am learning to look forward to and enjoying the little pleasure's that come my way. I do have good day's here and there and I ride them to the hilt. I look forward to getting on EP and spending time with my friend's and we support each other. Though I have more dark day's then light one's, I look forward to those lite one's and live life as it should be.

You are not alone and I battle these things every day. Well put. What I miss the most and I only just relised this is that I don't seem to have anything anymore to look forward to. Except going to bed where I know the reality of pain might subside for a few hours ( I never get a full nights sleep - 4 hours if i'm lucky ). I want my old life back again...