I Just Need Some Help

 My story, is too long and hard...so I'll write a little at a time....been thru alot,  probably like most people on here...had a tough childhood, my brother was killed in a car accident, my dad died, battle alcoholism, have 2 loving kids, my son went to jail for a horrible crime....ugh...I will write more later

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It takes a little while to figure this site out....I signed up on Monday and I still haven't learned everything on here...Each day I get on here and just search the site by reading stories, comments, etc....I haven't finished my profile and I am not worried about that....I have found that reading other's stories have helped me with my moods and they give me hope and remind me that I am not the only one going thru depression and other stuff...<br />
You are going to win your battle with depression because you are not giving up....you are hanging on to hope....keep doing that...keep reaching out for help even when you don't want to...A lot of times when I am so down, I have to dig deep in me to have strength to not giving up, to get help...and I am always amazed to know that I had the strength to pull thru and that I made it....so, I know I can win because I have done it time and time again....I think it is helping me be stronger little by little....<br />
Are you seeking counseling? I highly suggest that you see a counselor, if you are not. We all need to talk to someone that we trust and can relate to....I see a counselor once a week for an hour....I felt trust with her from the get go....she is awesome....she teaches me things to do to help with my depression...like how to breathe when I am upset to calm me....she turns the lights down in her office...plays calming music...burns inscense...we all need a vice to help us through the rough times....I am on meds, but meds don't make the illness disappear it just helps us cope a little better in life...sometimes...so, I am learning from her and others on this website that I need to do something that helps me deal with my episodes...something that is right for me..something that soothes me and gives me strength...<br />
If you do seek a counselor or are in counseling, make sure you and your counselor click and are on the same page...make sure that you trust that person...without the trust, they will not be able to help you...<br />
I think you are doing great on here....you are continuing to reach out...you are not giving up on hope....that is what is going to pull you thru everthing day....<br />
Keep doing things you like, like riding your horses....put yourself first....continue to take care of yourself like you would a child....<br />
We are all here for you....you are never alone...<br />
Write to me anytime if you want to...<br />
<br />

Oh, I'm not feeling so blah, probably hopeful is better.

I am trying to find ways to help w/ my depression..I ride horses for a living...I am on meds, obviously they arent working...I actually got outside and did some work today..it's a start..I can't believe someone actually responded to what I wrote, I'm not a computer whiz, and have no clue what I'm doing...

I'm confused as to how this all works still...

Sometimes the words don't come at first but in time.. we'll be here when you're ready to talk. You can drop me a line anytime.. Nic

I am new on here and I totally know what you mean...I have struggled with depression all my life and I have taken meds on and off and now, I am staying on the meds, but I feel they are not working like they should. I am looking for help, too. My moods are swinging so bad and I feel so alone, so empty. I don't feel like anyone understands what I feel.<br />
I just wanted to let you know that I have and are feeling the same as you. <br />
I signed up a couple of days ago and I can't finish my profile. There is just so much going on with me. It is confusing.<br />
<br />
You are the first person I have wrote to.<br />
<br />
If you want to talk, feel free to write to me. There seem to be some really nice people on here according to my comments I have received for my story.<br />
<br />
Keep reaching out for help. I have to constantly tell myself that. I struggle with that a lot. I just feel like no one is listening to me and they don't understand. It is a very hard battle. <br />
<br />
But, there is hope. There is always hope and I am determined to beat this battle and I know you can, too.