I Battle Depression On And Off

although i dont like to admit it or define myself like that. and i keep it very well hidden.
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1 Response Mar 24, 2011

I know what you mean. I only told my closest friends when I was diagnosed my sophomore year of high school. They didn't understand but I laughed and smiled all the time but they didn't realize you can be depressed and still have good moments, too. I think a lot of people think depression is just wanting to commit suicide or you hate the world but, for me, it was me knowing how good I have it and under the smiles and laughs I was still sad and empty inside. That this "happiness" was forced and fake so I went on medication or about 6 years but now I've found other ways to cope with it. Best of luck and there's no harm in being honest with yourself. If you think you're depressed maybe try talking to someone about it. It may help.