All Thanks To The Yellow Wiggle

I am 22 years old and live in Australia.  I have had pots for 7 years now but have only known about it for 2.  Theres nothing like millions of tests, and having doctors tell your parents that you're just doing this for attention.   Infact it wasn't until the Yellow wiggle was diagnosed with it and there was an article written about it in a magazine that my mother bought, that we realised I had all the same symptoms.
My dreams are to travel the world, to work with animals big and small, to make some kind of difference in the world; but it seems like an impossibility when I'm fatigue everyday no matter how much sleep I have had, and when I go outside the smallest bit of Australian heat and humidity begins to make me nausious and faint. 
Doctors tell me that because I got this young, that I will grow out of it by the time I am 25, yet it doesn't seem like that is going to happen, but hope is all I have and I am going to hold on to it, because if I lose that I've got nothing.
Friends are supportive, but sometimes find it hard to understand when you continue to cancel on them all the time.   My breakfast seems like a handful of pills these days and I look forward to the day when I never have to take another tablet ever again.
I can't get a job anywhere because I am seen as unreliable even though I'm a hard worker all they see is that there is something wrong with me.  Some days are easier than others, it's all about trying to keep my spirits up, I can't let pots win, none of us can.
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There is an old saying, It's alway's darkest before the storm. Storm's pass and somtime's we just have to ride them out to see the sun shine again. dont be so quick to give up your dream's. My depression along with a few other thing's brought some limitation's that i had to face a rearrange some of my life but they didnot ROB me of life. Dont just give into it but look for way's to live with it right now. If we stay focused on what we CANT do them we loose sight of what we still CAN do.<br />
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You say you want to work with animal's but have limited strength right now. Look for an animal shelter that need volunteer's and explaing your situation and just do what you can. Look into home course's that can get you started and you can work on them as you feel but dont just give up on your dream's. All mountain's look big when your standing at the bottom looking up yet with each step you grow stronger and so does your determination and once you get to the top looking down you tell yourself, That was'nt so bad and you proved to yourself that you still can. I wish you all the best in your future, you still have one you know !!! My Best.