Life Still Goes On!

I have been suffering from depression for the past 12 months. I have been thru all the Dr. stuff and medications. I am currently on two meds. They seem to be helping. Iv'e had six weeks of good days. I have started to laugh a little and get involved with my friends again. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I had a lot of strange feelings and no one seemed to understand what I was going thru. I have worked very hard to rid myself of this illness. I have heard that it is cureable. I want everyone that reads my story to have hope. Realize that you can pull yourself out of hopelessness. Work at getting better everyday. Talk to your family and let them know how you feel and whats going on in your life.
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Happiness and good luck to you and don't forget to do your part! Happy, Happy!!!

This link is to an amazing video about the remedy of sadness/depression. It's soooo wonderful!!<br />
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1st you have to learn what makes u deppressed it could be just not being happy with ones self and remember happiness is internal just like sadness we have a choice to be happy or sad me myself i would rather laugh than cry. sometimes we think about how our lives are not going so well and you know sometimes it doesnt but i tell you what? find just 1 only one thing that makes you smile and thats a start then find 1 thing that you love to do (ex. movie, bowling, kick it with friends) get out of the house see different things. most people feel trapped or in a rut. if you as cute as your pic call me i love to talk and thats what you need. a piece of free my mind and myself lol

You can try this wonderful site:<br />
<br />
There are guided meditations on this site. Good luck!

u hang in there i have a19 year old daughter that was this way and now she lives on her on and is going to school and working also.meds was her problem when she got off of them she was much better. pray alot to god will help you!

"Six weeks of good days"... that is wonderful! Hurrah!!! You are very fortunate. I hope those weeks of good days continue (and I hope that eventually I can say the same for myself!)