I Battle Depression

    A Blesing from God

Hi. My name is Sharese McCray. I'm a 29 young lady. In 2009 i was stab by my brother-law. After that incident I wasw able to work, I've tryed to work at a warehouse. That didnt work. I have 3 kids and Im trying to do the best that can. I want to work. After all the things that i've been though, the doctor said that i have M.S. and that is no cure for MS it a painful diease. But though it all I made it. Mr. Steve Harvey i just want to work because did not bring this far leave me now.
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26-30, F
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I have a close friend with MS. He was diagnosed 12 years ago and has never had a serious attack. I know it can be devastating and I am familiar with how it attacks the neurons. <br />
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You will be OK: pray to God and stay focused. You are blessed to have 3 kids. Focus on them and helping them with their future. Teach them just how important it is to stay in school, as they start to do well you will feel better because you are making a positive difference with the one's you love.<br />
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The most important thing in this world is having a loving family; however big or small.