A human being can survive almost anything as long as they see the end in sight. But with depression its impossible to see the end. THE FOG IS LIKE A CAGE WITOUT NO KEY 

angel7 angel7
1 Response Mar 4, 2008

you are so right. and being locked in sucks. no,sucks is to miled thow.i know you cant explane the feeling until your there.but the fog does get heavy you cant see out.but with people to talk with maybe it will cant hurt hu?this is all new to me.i mean this is my first chat line.i hopeing it will be a cool experiance.but it kind of sucks.idont know what i'm doing."lol"seriously.example..i'v sent a few comments all ready & checked the box below "notify my email"and so it did.told me i had comments on my comments. "lol"but i dont know how to get back to where i was "lol"go figure.pretty lame hu?"lol"but thats the way i anyway i'll try this again. "lol"and hey,if i get lost,"lol" THAT FOG blow it off keep blowing it off & every thing around it. eventually it will blow away you'll see thee END of your cage and find your KEY. PEACE !!