Inherited Blues

Have always been depressed- genetic depression or so two eminent psychiatrists have told me-years took pills and nearly had two fatal accidents and neglected my sons so no longer accept medication although they tell me it is vastly improved but dont trust it-just pray and exercise and keep busy with hobbies-quilting, art, jigsaw, grandchildren and reading, church, etc.

am envious of friends with moer stable sunnier dispositions

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1 Response Mar 5, 2008

I'm with you there. Why can't I be happy like that person over there. <br />
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As for diognosis. I've had so many, depending on what doctor, how I'm feeling that day, they all say something different. <br />
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One doctor told me that unlike cancer or other diease they can't do a blood test for phyciatrist disorders. They just try there best to figure out what you have and if the meds work then that is what you have.<br />
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It runs in our family too. My cousin has manic-depression, other in our family have been diognosted with depression. Some families deny it runs in there families and never talk about those realitives... It is good to find out if it runs in the family because it really is heretitary.