My Mom Suspects Me...!!! :(

Hi friendzz.. how r u all..? Hope u r all pretty happy with ur jobs and family.. So nice... and here I come to share my ongoing experience... I am Vignesh from India.. ( profile name: NATZX).. I have a simple family... Hopeful dad, loving mom, two cute siblings.. But even now we r fighting for our better life.. that has to be fulfill by me... ya,. I have to take over ma Dad's responsibilities to run ma family... and certainly i will..

I love WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) more.. Don't want to miss a single moment.. That much fan i am to wwe... When I was studying 7th grade at an age of 12, I was watching wwe on tensports asusual.. It was WWE Divas match i think.. They were fighting, fighting, keep on fighting.. suddenly a diva STRIPED dress of another Diva... That was an unexpected moment... My mom saw that.. and thought herself that am watching unwanted scenes (**** pics) on TV... She started to suspect me... She keeps on noting my activities still now..

I too know that wwe is a Drama or something like that.. But that was an unexpected event tht happened.. My Mom did beat me for watching that wwe programs.. She warned me not to watch anuthing on TV.. I didn't know why she was doing such things to me..Years passed like HELL... coz, no TV, no play, no smile, no care, no love, no affection... Then after 15, I came to know that it is wrong to watch **** movies and pictures.. I then realised why she hated me... and I was sunned that I am living a life without the love of my mother..Now am 18, even then she suspects me that am doing such nonsense things.. ( hope u understand what i mean)..

Ya.. it's normal that every mother should notice the activities of Kids..Bur am an adult.. know to think.. She still has doubts on me.. I cannot tell to ma mom openly.. coz.. am a KID... U know, I haven't sleep on my mom's lap, since i remember.. Years are really passing as like in hell whenever am in ma home.. 6 years of depression.. no one knows this and know one consoled me.. only ma heart is ma companion.. he says all will be well one day... and ma friends are my only happiness.. and they also don't know this..

May be I am looking like a jolly type... but that's for ma friends.. In ma heart am crying each and everyday.. I never missed a night to shed ma tears... it's automatically coming.. lost ma life... no love from ma mom.. can't laugh openly at home.. only school and college are ma happiness... Though I have a dream of going to space, without ma mom's love, how can I achieve it..? I would say it's impossible... I love ma mom really.. but she don't understand ma feelings.. Always suspects me for a cause...

My Dad is like a GOD... He has all the Hopes on me.. He think that am the greatest and oneday I will shine..He too don't know that am depressed for 6 long years.. He has the hope on me.. and I am looking forward to realise his dreams..aah.. mine also.. haha..

See friends.. each and every living being in this earth has the feelings of love, care and affection.. even a insect hangs for it's parent's love.. Humans are not exceptional to that.. Don't hurt your parents at any cause.. they are the only friends who will take care of u till u or they die.. They have all the rights to scold or to beat u.. coz,, they only introduced you to this world.. so, Love your parents and Live happy... :) Hope, I will be the last unlucky person... sorry friends... wasting your time by posting ma own experience.. k.. bye.. have happy days... :)
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I say talk to ur mum snuffal is right it doen't have to be about this, it can be about anything school or how you spent your day, it's not too late but it will be one day.

I say talk to ur mum snuffal is right it doen't have to be about this, it can be about anything school or how you spent your day, it's not too late but it will be one day.

Hey, well since u're an adult then i guess you should talk ur mother about it. Tell her how u really feel, talk to her about the depressions that u have had. Tell her ur not doing such things, and it was an accident that WWE thing! It's the only way to solve problems ! and u didn't waste our time! :)


You need to say this to you mother....<br />
She has to know this....

Ya..But, I don't want to disurb ma mom anymore.. i already disturbed a lot mentally.. let see what will happen... ! thanx friend...

u didn't wasted anybody's time by writing or sharing ur experience....but i felt a little confuse why don't u talk to ur mothre u r mature enough to convey to her what u have conveyed to us!! parents in india are a little spectic abt all this stuff and they might form assumpations which are not necessarily true...!! the simple thing u can do is to try and talk to ur mother...not abt this but abt anything! u can start a comunication which wud eventually win her trust and bet my words no mothre.........mean no mother can ever hate her children no matter what they do and what they can............failure or winners they always love them!! i hope u wud bring things of luck!!!!

Thank u very very much... sister... i will try.. glad to meet u in ma life

hey i am glad to meet u too...and this communication method is a tried and a tested one...!!!!!