Why Bother

I’m tired of this ****, tired of trying to be a nice guy in a world that never cared or even tried to understand me. I wake up in the morning not liking myself much, but I go through the day trying to do little things that will make others feel a little better.

Oh I see you looking at me with disgust in your face and I hear your snide little comments, but I ignore you and never let you see the pain and hurt you inflict on me. I’m the guy that holds the door open for you, I’m the guy that sees you only have two items so I let you go ahead.

I’m sick of you the disgust or pity in your eyes, be glad I never let you see what I feel on the inside be glad you can’t look into my eyes and see what I think, you would run screaming from the contempt I hold you in.

People wonder why I’m depressed , why I look sad because I’ll I ever wanted was your friendship but you couldn’t even allow me that. So if I chose to pull my hand back or just turn and walk away from you, remember you had your choice as I have mine now.

So do I hate you all no at the end of the day I feel sadness and pity for you, I just wish you could have gotten past my exterior and seen what and who was behind it you might have like him.

Well this change anything no, will my words have any effect most likely not. Do I care much anymore no not really I’ll live my life and do the best I can.
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61-65, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2011

in the end that's the most important thing isn't it? caring for yourself. people say caring and thinking about your self is selfishness. in your case it's the other way around. nice way of ex<x>pression! just find a person who admires the flaws in you and the good things. cheers.