I Will Be Somethng Big Oneday!..

Since from an young i was quiet an explorer.. i liked to project thngs on my own even my parents discovered it! Since i am from middle class family my parents expected alot..as evryone does.. i always worked hard and very good in my acadamics until my 10th grade.
But since after i had my own struggling periods ..i failed thrice in my 12th just in one subject... my parents lost all hopes from me... idont have no college for but applied for sum distance courses...There's one thing i would like too share i maybe no more good at academics but..i love painting.. i love guitars.. i wish to became a moviestar.. don't know but.. i do belive and i'l make it big oneday!!
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2011

Keep believing mate not matter what obstacles get in your way.

Your obviously an artist at heart. Paint, make music, act -your a star.

follow your heart, that will make you the happiest.