I Have A Big Nose. It's Ruining My Life.

I have the same problem. Im only 13. I think Im pretty and all , and I think if I just have a smaller nose, then it would fix it all. Sometimes I cry over it. I want to be pretty. I don't want people saying oh " that girl with the big nose" yeah i know her. that would tear me up inside. once my ex boyfriend asked me if i was jewish. i said no. then he asked why my nose was so long, and i cried. i need to do something about it . I read in one article that you cleanse your whole face with alcohol. then you take a dryer sheet and dip it in lemon juice. put it over your nose for 10 - 15 minutes. and in a month you should see results. i havent tried it yet. sometimes i think that guys arent attracted to me because of it. im afraid to meet new people in person. im so scared. whenever i walk by someone i pretend im fixing my hair or something. my mom says when i put my hair up it makes it look smaller... but it doesn't. it has a littlle hump on it, which is barley noticable , but its so long :( ugh. fml.
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We have the exactly same problem and were the same age,I agree,if only we could do something about it,it literally wrecks everything I do,because off this I struggle to go places And meet new people,I feel so insecure, I feel as if it wrecks my beauty :(

Seeing this breaks my heart because i just can't stand the thought of there being someone that has to go through everything I'm going through right now, I'm 19 and i still haven't gotten over the depression, i cry almost every day, and the days I'm feeling good all i have to do is walk past a mirror and my whole week is ruined . i take this nose thing very seriously, every joke, every comment stabs me in the heart a little bit more, but my parents don't believe I'm serious enough for a nose job i guess because every time i tell them they just ignore me, going out into public is just one big worrying pain and meeting new people is impossible, i avoid everything and everyone this nose is really really affecting me in life .

I have used the NoseSecret nose corrector for years and I find them very helpful when it comes to slim the nose without surgery or make up.
It is worth to try.

The first thing my sisters bf asked when he met me was... "omg is your nose broken?!" lol it was so terrible but honestly my nose has never stopped boys from hitting on me or from wanting to date me so who's to say what a big nose does and does not do? A nose is a nose and that's as far as it goes ;)

dont see no problem with your nose, looks way better than mines hun, you're gorgeous. your nose s normal. dont listen to people. there just jelous because your so gorgeous.

I thought things like that mattered once. When I was in school, I was tormented for a number of reasons. My best friend had a big nose and she was afraid guys wouldn't like her. But we both ended up getting wonderful guys who love and embrace our imperfections. While you are young, others are a lot meaner. Then they realize that if you're going to spend time with someone, it's good if they like each others personalities. Looks fade, personalities are forever. I'm sure you're gorgeous. Confidence is key. Everyone loves a confident person. Embrace your insecurities and others will do the same.

I have a friend with the same problem. I don't know about you, but she's quite obsessed just with the idea of having a really big nose, even though i think her nose isn't that big and i always tell her that it is nice. At the age of 13 you shouldn't be worrying about what the others think of your nose, i'm quite sure it's really nice so don't worry about that. True friends/boyfriends won't care about your nose if they truly love you.

Umm, you can try to dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub it around your nose. That might solve your problem.

Hi Emilyleah.
I read your post and I'm so sorry you feel that way. I have a big nose too. I started getting made fun of in 5th grade. People who don't have big noses don't understand the way we feel. You are the one who has to live with it. I plan on getting rhinoplasty (nose job) soon. If you really don't like it, then change it.

You are beautiful,

I just saw your photo and you are really beautiful <3 Your nose is fine. You should see mine. If you see my nose your will be amazing to you, I bet. ;)
Anyways, I wanted to ask you : That thing with lemon, do I have to do it everyday, for a month ??

i have the exact same problem wow, im gonna try the lemons, did it help?

i have the exact same problem wow, im gonna try the lemons, did it help?

You're gorgeous, I know plenty of guys who actually like big noses. Plus you nose is not even bad like you make it seem. when you get older, you'll feel more comfortable in your skin, you'll wear make up, and feel more like a woman. French woman are considered sexy, and usually have long noses. Why don't you check out celebrities with longer noses and learn from there confidence such as scarlette johansson, penelope cruz, blake lively, julia roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, all beautiful & confident woman, with unique shaped noses. You don't need to have a pin nose to be pretty, that is so superficial.

Hey Emily, if you get older and want surgery done to your nose, DO NOT GET A NOSE JOB, it weakens your nose bone and it could shatter if you hit it or bump it lightly. Get a rhinoplasty. It costs under 500$ and the procedure takes less than five minutes. It makes the bottom and or top of your nose smaller.

But I also have a big nose and hae low self esteem about it. But I've been doing nose lifting exercises that help my nose. Or I put on makeup. But your beautiful just the way you are.

put lemon juice on your nose. IT WORKS SO WELL

Anyone who judges you by your appearance is shallow and superficial, and you don't need that kind of people in your life. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you.<br />
If you get the nose job when you get older, you might well find something else that's 'not quite right,' and you'll need to address that, too. Michael Jackson took himself from being a good looking kid to looking like a mistake made at the House of Wax. Focus on your inner beauty; that's what makes you special. I'm hoping for your happiness.

Hon, you're really pretty.<br />
And your nose may be rather large, yeah, but it's elegant and fits your face.<br />
Hope you are not still worried about it.

Big noses run in our family.<br />
<br />
Usually a tissue sorts it out.<br />
<br />
Seriously, it doesn't matter. People will love you for what you are regardless. Not everyone marries a supermodel. So be confident and charming. It really doesn't matter

It isn't the size of your nose that is ruining your life, it is all the horrible people who are making an issue of it. They will grow up one day hopefully. You are a pretty girl who is obviously verty intelligent and I am sure you have many other qualities that others are too stupid to notice. Most of us have things about our bodies that others will find a reason to bully us for.

Dont worry....if u know ur pretty dont care about others....Just before going out ask ya mum if u luk ok and her compliment is so true,,,Even u have a big nose...once i have a cold or if im suffering from flame it luks like a rose apple....so big....Due these stuff i tend to look at the mirror always...But watever always be confident about yourself....Plx dont be like me who is not confident ever....<br />
<br />
with love<br />

At your age, I hated my appearance because my hair wasn't straight! It seems SO important now, but I promise that this phase will pass! The sooner you realize that looks really aren't as important as you think, you will be able to live a much happier life!<br />
If, later in life, you still think that changing your nose would improve your appearance..all the power to you! To be beautiful, you have to start by feeling beautiful. Otherwise it doesn't mean a thing!<br />
<br />
P.S.<br />
I see your picture, you are beautiful! Nose and all :-)

Awh thankyou! (: I have this thing with my hair too. In the morning when it's humid outside it gets curly. It bothers me alot. You made me feel a whole lot better, I cant thank you enough(:

Cleopatra has big nose and shes regarded as a beauty... So be proud of your nose!

Thankyou (: This makes me feel a whole lot better haha. I think I inherited it from my mom. My mom has cancer and she lost all of her hair. She got this wig and I told her she looks like Cleopatra. My mom also has a big nose, but she's really pretty.

Sorry to read that you find your looks a distressing factor. Being a young woman in today's world must be difficult. <br />
I have suffered from similar experiences. I have a very big nose. When growing up I was teased endlessly. I ended up with low self-esteem and depression. I finally grew up to realize that the important people in my life liked me for who I am, and not by how I look. Do I feel happy now? Yes and no. People still nudge each other, or take the ****. And sometimes I do get low. If I was stinking rich I would get a nose job. But funnily enough, I went to Turkey on holiday this year and found that most men there had big noses! lol. Maybe I should just move! <br />
I won't lie and say (what most adults say) that things get easier, sometimes they just don't. But other issues become more important than looks the older you get. YOU WILL find love. <br />
Hope my gibberish makes some sense.

It make me feel a whole lot better knowing there's someone out there who feels my pain. It's really tough; but somehow I manage on a day to day basis. When I get older I am surely going to get a nose job. Even those most models have big noses. I am sure you are beautiful just the way you are. A lady that works at my school, she's really pretty and she has a big nose and that didn't seem to matter to me. I didn't really care. I thought she was really pretty. Maybe that's how people see me. Maybe they don't care and I'm over reacting. I wish I knew what most people were thinking haha.

it's not important as long as you have a good attitude to show

Yeah I keep telling my self that people will love me for who I am and that's all that matters but it's just really hard. Im afraid to see my boyfriend for the first time in a long time because he is going to think I have a big nose and it's just stressing me out sooo sooo much.

If you are pretty otherwise, then a big nose should not be a problem ...<br />
Yes, people sometimes will ask stupid questions - you just have to learn to forgive for their rude behavior.<br />
<br />
I know a beautiful girl who had a terrible car crash and now she has several huge scrars on her body. But she is so pretty and has such a wonderful personality that all the boys are still crazy about her.

Awh your so sweet. Some guys don't care about looks at all, and thats who Im looking for. Thanks so much for sharing your stories with me ! :)

Look's seem to be so important at your age and we all wanted to fit in with the top select at school. I was a skinny lil runt at your age that could hide in the shade of a cloth's line. I though that my nose and ear's were huge and since dad alway's kept us boy's in crewcut's or flat top's it just made them look bigger. One day I realized that my look's didnot define who I was, my personality defined that and I quit all the worry over look's and started being " me " . I started " slowly at first " making new friend's and fitting into new circle's AND having fun at it.<br />
<br />
Nobody can get to know you if your alway's hiding yourself behind your hair and in fact will shy away from you thinking that you are too timid and shy, including boy's you might like. There will alway's be those that make fun of other's and you will run into them all your life so why let these idiot's control any aspect of your life. Youth only come's around once and is gone before you know it so instead of putting wasted importance in what you dont like learn to enjoy what you do like and you will find that you will be much happier. Life's road had many bump's in it the the long flat stretch's can be fullfilling. My Best

This really made me think. I think I'm going to try to start being myself more. Thank you so much ! :)