They Say Try Omega-3

I've been told to try Omega-3 pills with high concentration of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Gonna get some today and hope it eventually helps the balance of **** in my head.
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It ain't an antidepressant.

Won't hurt.

Will only help a bit.

I suggest ordering and taking some L-tryptophan before bedtime, especially if sleep is an issue...

Not that I or EP are at fault if that goes disastrously wrong-research it first!

Also, work out 20 minutes every day and do breathing meditation for 10 minutes a day. Won't hurt, can help.

Are you on real meds? They really are more powerful than OTC stuff.

See about getting a therapist-one who does Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for preference. You don't have to keep getting worse.