Ballet & The Circle

My cousin took dance class. My aunt always had photos of her up smiling, looking all pretty. I admired those photos so much.

I wanted to take dance so bad but was never given the chance. I dont know if I ever asked or if I just didnt even bother. I was at a young age 6, 7 years old maybe.

Now that I have my own little girl who is 3 years old I was able to enroll her into dance. I didnt do it because I wanted it but she actually wants to do it & loves it.

I had all I could do to hold back my tears her first class. Her hair was up in pig tails, she wore her little tu tu tap shoes on. I am so happy that my child will get the chance to do everything I never did.

It chokes me up that shes in dance I love it so much. She bounces around with big smiles. That little girl is going to save my life in the long run.
msmel msmel
Sep 30, 2011