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Same Case Is Wid...

although my exms are near in d future bt still i cant concentrate on studies. i feel sad wid this...wht to whole use to get waste in dreaming unusual circumtance, which i knw never evr gonna happen in my life...:(
whyimalone whyimalone 22-25, F 3 Responses Oct 28, 2011

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it's okh to day dream. Thinking of stuffs that won't happen will not do any harm on you. You will only feel good of dreaming things to happen. Think good things to make you feel better, and your depression will disappear in time.

yaa u r rite it feels grt by ay dreaming bt u knw wht whn v face reality it hurts y all those things can only happen in dreams nt in reality.why why..?????

thanxxx will try....

thanxxx will try....