How To Fix It????

I have been thinking about how comes that i need someone to be happy?
why can't I be happy by myself, loving me and caring me without need of someone else,
i feel so down and so worthless, and i wanna work to fix it but i look and look and i dont find a way,
i dont know why i do feel so down, im young, im studying, as a poor person i have all i need, i have friends and people say i look good, but i feel im nothing..

I feel im worthless and i feel alone, when will i find myself? when will i accept me as im, when will i be happy knowing thats how things are?
I hope its not too late to fix my life.
thenewmisslunallena thenewmisslunallena
22-25, F
5 Responses Nov 14, 2011

you;re not alone. can we be friends?


add me :)

thanks all

Look I'm now that young but we all go through this, the one thing you should know is: you need to learn to love yourself before you love somebody else, I understand that feeling of wanting love and affection, it will come with time but what bella said is a good thing, you're a caring person, so try to find something in the mean time to help you feel better about yourself, like helping others either in a job or a volunteer, those kind of things are very rewarding, and others start to appreciate you for who you are

I feel the exact same way. You're not alone. :/

I know it won't mean much if I tell you that you are a great poet and a wonderful person and that lately you look amazing. I will share with you that when I was in my mid 20s I felt the same way because i went through a traumatic experience. A friend assaulted me and I felt awful and alone. I decided to take the focus away from myself and i looked for volunteer work after work. This helped me tremendously because it was very fulfilling and I found people who loved me and were so thankful. I spent holidays with people from other countries and found do much joy knowing i helped families and, eventually I met someone through one of these volunteer jobs and completely forgot about feeling awful about myself.