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I am severely depressed but everytime I try to talk to my mom about it she denies it and tells me to stop thinking the way i do or be who i am and then puts it away like its nothing its getting worse some times im okay most times im not I try to deal with it but its hard.

know1 know1 18-21 5 Responses Apr 7, 2008

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Your message made me remember how it was for me. I knew something was up, but getting any action on it didn't count for anything. My parents blew it off.

Fortunately I was able to get a little something started when I was in college. It took a long time, but now I've got a good therapist.

Don't give up. Look for what you can afford to get started. There's help out there, but it can't find you. You have to look for it.

First of all, it took courage to come here and share after experiencing your mother's intense discomfort with your reality. Remember that, you have courage and strength or you would not have found this place.

Second, I am wondering how old you are? This might affect your choices.

Do you live in the city? Suburbs? Rurally?

Are you aware of any mental health care organizations, community ones in paritcular, you could seek out help fron?

Are you aware of any hotlines, talk lines, where you could talk and get the support you need and deserve?

Yes, deserve. Remember that.

I do not want, yes this is my desire, not yours, you would have to tell me yours, for you to be alone. I do not want your depression to progress beyond darkness.

This can happen.

There is life here and I see that you know this.

How can I help? Onlyo you know the answer.

Sending you my energy.

Take care,


I know how you feel!

Your problem is exactly just like mine.. I tried to tell my parents my depression, they always denies and tell me to stop thinking about it..

yeah i know how u feel, one day i just told my doctor how i feel && she put me on zoloft it really helps alot! i dont take it much tho because Im not severly depressed! just try talking to a professional if ur mom doesnt listen