Nightmare In My Head...sarah's Story part two

DAY ONE OF THREE(part two)
i stood motionless as i took in the unbelieveable truth, i was trapped with no escape. the laughter of the little girl had increased slightly over the past hour, but it hadn't got to the point of being absolute. then i decided that i could no longer just sit there and twiddle my thumbs together all day, i needed to make a plan. the lights in the house had finally gone out so i needed to get the electricity generator in the spare room. i slowly made my way through the mess on the floor and arrived in the kitchen, stumbling over a open cupboard while i was at it. i fumble my way to one of the shut drawers and pulled it open and whipped out the torch, flicked it on, then ran for it. i sprinted down the hallway and made it to the spare room where the large generator sat. it stood silent, as calm as the sea at night on a good day.
the laughter of the little girl seemed to be getting stronger as i made my final approach to the rip cord on the machine. once it was in hand i pulled on it three times before it finally choked and came to life. all of the lights in the house came on simultaneously, illuminating the place. i had enough gas in the generator to last a week, but i knew that it had to last, i didn't know when i would be rescued.
I heard what appeared to be the moans of a male. but the disturbing thing was, it sounded like he was grunting more than anythingelse. it was coming from my room, how was that possible? all of the guests had fled when the earthquake struck, so i was the only one there...apparently not...i held the torch with a firm grip and stepped towards the dorr to my room. fear had wrapped itself tightly around my chest and was only getting tighter as i got closer to it. i touched the doorknob and turned it to the left to open it then stopped when i heard footsteps. only, the footsteps were more like that of somebody running throughout the house. i held my breath and pushed open the door to see what waa inside. NOTHING.
a cool breeze blew up and around my waist sending the feeling of needing to urinate surging across my bladder. but as i came to a halt when i saw nothing was in my room, i heard one more thing, the most terrifying thing." Hello mummy." whispered the little girls voice. fear hit me hard, then i felt dizzy. the next thing that happened was a firm grip on my arms and threw me into the room. the door slammed shut as i landed on the floor with a thud, hitting my head in the bottom of the wall." hello mummy." whispered the voice again.
"Who...who's there?" i stammered. my voice was in a hight pitch and would not come down to its normal tone. i felt a hand stroke the side of my face, then a peck on my left cheek. a kiss from the never ending darkness. without my torch i was helpless in that accursed room.
"Hello Sarah," whispered a mans voice." it's been a while."
i spun around to see what it was and where it had come from, forgetting that i could not see. i hit the side of my head against the drawers in my room and held the spot with one hand while the other hung out in front of me to try shield myself." WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!" i screamed into the darkness. the room was dark even though the generator was on. but the light came on in the room and lit up everything. all except for what had touched me and talked to me. the only odd thing in there was the wardrobe, it stood a crack open. a faint breathing could be heard from within it sending a chill up my spine.
as i fled from the room in a dash, i rub my hand through my hair as if trying to get rid of something that was not there.i tripped over the carpet on the floor and got back up instantly. the room was quiet, dead quiet...then it wasn't....
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Ok nice lol cant wait to read more and the other ones:)

and whos this spooky little girl lol and how does she look lol you should describe her in your next story..ttys:]