Happy blinking New Yearspart 4

this is a ficticious story, but is about the depression his family brings him

I woke up that morning feeling great, but in my household it never lasts. i woke up to the sound of my mum and dad fighting again, just as i had on christmas day. getting up wasn't the hard part, making it into the kitchen was. i slowly crept inside of the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal for breakfast. i sat at the table and poured the milk in the cereal and began to eat."Morning." i said to dad, as he surfaced from his room and entered the kitchen.
"Whatever." He said back, his voice in a low growl.
"Something the matter?"
he turned to me and squinted his eyes at me." You know bloody well there is." he pulled down the front of his pajama pants and revealed to me what the extent of little joke. i must admit, i shouldn,t have looked, but it was so red and swollen. looked like it had been slammed in a door."You did this." he pointed and accusing finger at me.
i sat there with a smile on my face and carried on eating."Then you shouldn't have made that prank on me."
Dad turned to me with a smile on his face,i hadn't a clue why." Just make sure that what's in the bottle is milk."
I suddenly stopped. i sat up right and stopped chewing on my cereal. a terrible thought ran through my head, what had he done to the milk...or if it was milk at all. i stared down into the plate and spat out my mouthful, the chewed up pieces mixed with...the milk...
Lizzy entered the room not longer after dad and went to the pantry to get some cereal. she poured herself a bowl. she grabbed the milk and poured it into her bowl then sat down and started eating it. i threw up in my mouth a bit from the thought."Hmm...the milk tastes funny."
That was it, i made a mad dash for the toilet and puked my guts out.
Lizzy turned to dad."What's his problem?"
"The milk." she instantly turned green and ran to the toilet off the side of her room and did as i did.
i returned a moment later and sat on the couch, i as not prepared to eat anything more for the rest of the morning. what a greatstart to my day.

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2 Responses Jan 6, 2012

It needs a little More... desc<x>riptive terms :) all in all it was good. keeps you wondering what he did to the milk however if u have a very good imagination u could come up with many things lol good job

its an interesting story. it left me with a few questions but good story none the less.

okay can do. but before i d,o do they explain what the prank was and what the dad did to the milk?