It's All Fake

The smiles, the laughs, the stupid stories they spit out to try to make you feel better. All lies. No one truly cares. They would stab you in the back for next to nothing. Everyone is miserable, I'm just the only one who shows it. They say their happy, but then they just complain all day long. They tell me to cheer up and smile and then yell at me like I'm a five year old and telling me I'm doing everything wrong. Is it that hard to just be honest?
L96Arctic L96Arctic
22-25, M
5 Responses Jan 10, 2012

sorry yo hear you feel this way =/


I try to be honest. but it doenst always work out that way, i agree that complaing about all the little things is stupid but sometimes lieing makes you feel momentarily happy about it.

to a lot of people it really is hard to be honest. All i do is be honest and it seems to all get thrown in my face. most of the time i wonder why im honest anymore.

I used to think that everyone else was faking it.<br />
No. Well, maybe a little.<br />
But mostly they are happy.<br />
You and I are not.<br />
Some people do care...but they can't care about everyone, just a few people. Caring is hard work.