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I'm new here - I wish I had found this site first.  I already have a blog site called Philosophy and Confession and  it also aims at improving all our lifes.  One of the many things we deal with is depression.  Come see it and even become a co-writer there if you wish.  I am at

I fully intend to post here as well. My attitude - the more channels open to us, the more we can help one another.  I have written the admin here hoping he will allow me to promote each site with the other.  It can be a screwed-up world from time to time so we need all the outlets we can find.  The more people who share both their good deeds and bad ones, the better off we all will be.


sakamato (Canada)




sakamato sakamato
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3 Responses Mar 3, 2007

Nothing will change. ..once you enter the tunnel. U will never get out

There is one way out

Yep,I know....but...I'm going take it all.Maybe I'm masochistic.

Are you? ;) just a little???

i didn't say i am,maybe i just don't even care...anyway it's not about me

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Wow, you're absolutely right and I'm glad you found us here!!

thats a good thing your doing, there shouldn't be problem promoting your site here...i think