Broken Down On the Highway of Life

Most of us find ourselves broken down on the highway of life at least once. Many more than once and those most unfortunate, many times.
It is not easy getting out of a depression but it need not be a lifelong imprisonment. Forcing yourself to do things that you once liked to do is difficult but it is necessary to recovery. Try to keep people around you who will take your mind of your troubles - in this situation, you need people to distract you but you must refrain from telling them what depresses you. If you have extra money, buy yourself something you normally would not buy - it will give you a bit of a lift, but do it in moderation and only to the extent that you can afford to do so.
Read on a regular basis the poem Desiderata (heck, memorize it if it will help). Also, Footsteps in the Sand. Below is a link for both of them.
And finally, settle down with a nice cop of hot chocolate, tea, or whatever you drink, and read a good book. My recommendation is Robinson Crusoe. I read it many years ago and found it to be an uplifting and inspiring book. I’ve got to take some time from blogging and read it again. - it is definitely a worthwhile read.
Looking forward toward your comments and e-mail.
sakamato sakamato
51-55, M
Mar 3, 2007