Ways to Avoid Depression

The key to happiness in life is keep busy doing the things you enjoy and to have a future to look forward to. I have spent much time blogging. It’s enjoyable and is a big learning curve but even so, I am progressing fairly well. Already, I have had visits on my other blog site from Portugal, Belgium, England and Australia, Canada and The United States. Wow …and I’m only about 2 weeks old (the site I mean). Little in the way of comments but my stats show that this blog is getting out there and is being viewed. Thank you. Now, shifting gears again …

It’s crucial to be open and honest, hide no secrets and have someone in your life who is compatible with your views of life. In that, I am blessed.

Again I refer people to the poem Desiderata. If one follows its advice, life can be mostly stress free and in fact, most enjoyable.

Alaska is again on my horizon (September). That will be our second trip there.  If you have the financial resources, save enough for food , shelter and a little for emergencies - then spend the rest on the things that you enjoy having or doing. No point getting old and being able to do nothing but look back and wish you had done the things that you didn’t do.

If your lonely, get yourself a pet. I have a dog that I once took to the hospital to see veterans. Now, I’ve retired him (along with myself). He’s my best buddy even though he is more responsibility then I thought he would be. If the responsibility of a dog is not to your liking, get a cat. They are as loving (maybe more so) and make a great companion.

Coming soon (to an experience near you) … the arguments that support the possibility of reincarnation. The preamble question - Most people agree that birth is a miracle. If so, why would it be more of a miracle to be born more than once. Everything else reoccurs - think of spring which is fast approaching, The flowers will return (trust me) and summer will return as well. The sun rises every morning. There is order in the universe
Alas Caesar , I find me rambling ….
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Mar 3, 2007