Ways to Avoid Depression

The key to happiness in life is keep busy doing the things you enjoy and to have a future to look forward to. I have spent much time blogging. It’s enjoyable and is a big learning curve but even so, I am progressing fairly well. Already, I have had visits on my other blog site from Portugal, Belgium, England and Australia, Canada and The United States. Wow …and I’m only about 2 weeks old (the site I mean). Little in the way of comments but my stats show that this blog is getting out there and is being viewed. Thank you. Now, shifting gears again …

It’s crucial to be open and honest, hide no secrets and have someone in your life who is compatible with your views of life. In that, I am blessed.

Again I refer people to the poem Desiderata. If one follows its advice, life can be mostly stress free and in fact, most enjoyable.

Alaska is again on my horizon (September). That will be our second trip there.  If you have the financial resources, save enough for food , shelter and a little for emergencies - then spend the rest on the things that you enjoy having or doing. No point getting old and being able to do nothing but look back and wish you had done the things that you didn’t do.

If your lonely, get yourself a pet. I have a dog that I once took to the hospital to see veterans. Now, I’ve retired him (along with myself). He’s my best buddy even though he is more responsibility then I thought he would be. If the responsibility of a dog is not to your liking, get a cat. They are as loving (maybe more so) and make a great companion.

Coming soon (to an experience near you) … the arguments that support the possibility of reincarnation. The preamble question - Most people agree that birth is a miracle. If so, why would it be more of a miracle to be born more than once. Everything else reoccurs - think of spring which is fast approaching, The flowers will return (trust me) and summer will return as well. The sun rises every morning. There is order in the universe
Alas Caesar , I find me rambling ….
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Someone said to me just yesterday as I was complaining about a certain thing that I was not happy with in my life, he said "Nothing exists in your life without your permission" <br />
and it really got me thinking....and its so true, we like to blame everyone else for our situations and troubles but the fact is its our responsibility. Yes you may not be responsible for some things that have happened in the past like maybe you were dumped in a trash can at birth, I agree that's not your fault, but when you find out the realities of your existence and that there is a purpose for your life, its your responsibility to change things in your world and you do it with your mouth.. that's what a lot of people don't understand about life, the only thing that will kill a man is his fear and his mouth..If you voice it, you claim it as your own, if you tell everyone you're sad, sick, depressed or broke you have given depression, sickness and lack your permission to stay in your life!

I agree that happiness is a mindset, but unfortunately, not everyone has those skills, and often, trauma robs us of them. Through cognitive therapy though, you can learn the skills to turn the negative distortions into positive thoughts. It isn,t an easy thing to achieve for some people, but it is a learned behaviour, so it CAN be learned by almost everyone. It's a great message of hope to those who belive they will never be able to conquer their negative thoughts that control them.<br />
I found your thoughts very positive and encouraging. Good on you!

So true..Life can be most enjoyable and completely stress free! Its all a mindset how you have been programmed to think as a child and in our growing years and the things you say will determine where your life goes...<br />
Happiness is a choice one I choose every day when I awake i say this is a beautiful day and goodness and mercy follow me today there is nothing coming into my life to make it bad!! Only good! and thats what I have..<br />
Its all in your talking, your tongue is like the rudder of a ship and it steers your life...your life will go where your mouth goes...where you are today is a direct result of the words you spoke out of your mouth yesterday...its a law, life and death are in the power of your tongue...<br />
so use it right and you will have the stress free wonderful life that you deserve..