Really, What Is the Purpose of Life?

Really, why are we here?  Why do some people have it easier than others?  We are born, learn to read and write so we can go to school.  We get an education so we can get a job.  We get a job so we can make money.  We use the money to buy stuff---so again I ask, why are we here?
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2007

So people with depression have a thought pattern different from people who do not suffer from it. It manifests as intrusive thoughts, negative patterns, paranoid tendencies. I found that I sink deeply into very dangerous levels of depression when I think about this question. To us (those with depression), we can rationally decide there is no point. That seems perfectly normal and the correct answer. It might be, but that isn't helping us is it?

When I was going to a therapist, they encouraged me to not think of large philisophical questions such as this. Instead, focus on the little things in order to get through the day.

i know that is not what you were looking for, but it is the only help i can give you

Wow...this could take so much time to answer lol. It took so much time for me to figure out the answer to that exact question...and I remember being such an angry person then. Life does seem to trivial when you look at the basics...but look at the deeper part of it. Look at the relationships you have with people...whether they be good or bad...look at they way you think...the way you feel...the things you see on the news and read about in the newspaper. Think about the stories you've heard throughout your life...think about everything it took to make you who you are. Think about everything your learning....then think about why we are here.