When I'm Happy, I'm A Pest. When I'm Depressed I'm Unbearable

Depression sucks. Not just for me either. My friends, my family and random people all suffer when I'm in "one of my moods". Things that normally make me mad, when I'm depressed, dont care. Things that would make me estatic, dont care when I'm depressed. I've never been suicidal but I have had times when I wouldn't care if I'd died. There were times I would just go somewhere and sit and stare at something. Go missing for hours.

I know its a brain chemical imbalance. I know that when I'm depressed its because of a low level of seritonin.
Well when I have the flu I know it's because of an airborne virus. Knowing why doesn't make it any easier to feel better.

I deal with it by medications. Get on it. Stay on it. Dont miss any doses. Even if I'm feeling better, Even if I'm feeling great, TAKE THE DOSES. I still get depressed, but as long as I can get my meds it isn't as bad as it used to be.
tbaskco tbaskco
41-45, M
Feb 20, 2012