My Older Sister

These events with my older sister are true.

1. My sister is 10 years older than I am. I remember being 12 when she showed me her breast right after breastfeeding. She complained that her baby was sucking too hard and it really hurt her. I was so surprised when she did that. Out of no where she just pulled her right breast out and showed me where it was hurting. Her brown nipple was slightly red. I was speechless. I just nodded my head and walked out of the room.

2. I was on my parents bed watching tv. My mom and my sister was standing and talking at the edge of the bed. I don't know if she realized I was there but she pulled down her pants and put on tampons. I tried not to look. My mom soon realized that I was there and said that I was looking. I acted like I didn't see anything. After all this my sister didn't say anything.

3. One time I was taking a shower. She stepped in and used the toilet to go pee. The shower did not have any curtains and it was kind of see thru. Anyways after she was done she ask me to fill up this small container so she can wash her self. (It's our custom to use water instead of tissue). So I opened the door slightly. I am sure she saw my privates as well. After that she finished washing up. I saw her get up but didn't really see anything.

4. I was in the hotel and I was on the bed lying down. The bathroom is just across room. She went in the bathroom and didn't bother closing the door. Maybe she thought I was sleeping. She peed and washed herself not knowing I was awake. She finished up and I pretended I was sleeping.

There were so many instances that I saw her topless. There are so many stories to tell. These were just a few.
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That is shocking! Who puts a tampon in in their room, even in front of their mom!! WHAT! Sounds like your sister has some strange problems. Was she ever sexually abused?

Didn't really know which is which, but it was just a pad. It's not the one you insert in. Absolutely she was not abused. I think she did that because she thought I wasn't there or maybe I was sleeping. I don't know why she did that.

Oh yeah a pad. Tampons go inside. I wouldn't do that in front of my mum. Different strokes for different folks. Are you SURE sounds like she has been sexually abused.

Why would you think she was? Do you think she was abused by her boyfriend(s) or husband?

Maybe by someone when she was a child? Just cos she so carelessly gets naked in front of people and showed you her boob too.

I wouldn't have the courage to ask her that.
Anyways, I might be sick too because I some what was turned on by it.

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This is unbelievable...for a few reasons. try again with your fantasy. too many mistakes. <br />
<br />
just so you know, there isn't a hotel in the world (high or low end) that has the bathroom in line of sight with a bed (I've stayed in thousands). look for your other mistakes

Have you been to every foreign hotel say the Phillipines.?