I just feel like everything is always my fault, since if I state something other's seem to yell at me and say its my fault. Well... I learned that it probably is my fault, I mean my parents used to say everything was my fault, when I was seven... and now my sister seems to blame me, even so I already blame myself.

I see no point in to argue, I'm an odd woman, I guess. Since I never stood up for myself, except for one time. When my sister was eating only the red jelly beans, and didn't give of them to me... I told her to, and she started to cry. This only made me feel bad, and that's why I never done such a thing again.

Besides... if I did stand up for myself back in Junor High, then I would have gotten kicked out of school... since a bully was bothering me and always picking on me, tripping me and such... that's why that bully thought I had stolen her wallet, but she soon found out that I didn't, and that someone other girl had.

But yeah... I am used to being blamed for everything now... so, don't be afraid to put your blames on me too, since I am sure I am to blame... somehow, even so I don't know you.

Vipy Vipy
26-30, F
3 Responses Mar 17, 2007

Yeah, it isn't good to be blamed, unless you do something wrong yourself. Or to yourself, since I know someone whom hurts himself, since he thinks its the only way for him to feel alieve... its sad really, and I don't know why he does this for.

hmm.. thats no good i guess, you shouldn't be blamed. i understand your feeling and its not that good.. :(

I feel the EXACT same way! I am to blame for man-kinds problems.