Only One Person Has Ever Even Come Close

And I don't think she had a clue how depressed i really am, the irony is I was always happy with her, when together we laughed the entire time (well other then sex and even occasionally then) I promised myself I'd have something to live for by a certain age or... well I passed that age a few years back. My life isn't great or bad, I'm not a go getter I work far to many hours, and yet that's normal in my industry, 60-80 hours on an average week, I'll never be famous, doubtful on the rich part to. I've become content, I'd like more friends yet I hate dealing with people(everyone I talk to seems to be whining including me in this post) I'm the guy invthe corner at the bar having a beer or 2 on my own then going home, I'm the neighbor that talks to you, yet you never know.
Yes its my own little world, not the fictitious type, just the one no one else gets into, I want you in here yet i keep you out knowing I will be less happy with you then without, realizing the consequence is my funeral will be as lonely as my live. I know why I'm depressed I understand how to change it, being a loner by default more then anything all these years makes it difficult
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1 Response Mar 7, 2012

Yeah I'm guy at the bar behind you thinking same ****..its like I care but not really, I'm happy but still depress, what does that make us?