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Well i was at school and talking to friends like any normal day and one day my best friend didn't talk to me. I asked my other friend if anything is wrong with him but she said no. Well sometimes i see him talk to others but not me. When he did talk to me he'd only give nods and shrugs and didn't say much after that. So times have gone by and i am hanging out with him and a few other friends so total of 5 ish. So i am not sure but maybe he might hate me for some reason, but i have like no idea at all why he just randomly some day not talk to me. I seeked my good friend who she knew how to comfort people and to be positive, so sometimes i feel alright. Then a few days ago my other friend didn't talk to me so i am not sure if its me or they hate me or something. So right now i feel depressed due to 2 friends who don't talk to me and ditch me when walking to and from school i have 2 other good friends but they usually get dragged away by the other 2 in the group. Right now i don't know what to do and how i can fix this problem because those 2 might hate me a bit etc. but i am for certain the friend i mentioned earlier doesn't hate me much just he doesn't talk to me much so please to ones reading i hope they can comfort me and i'll see what goes on later on. I've never felt too bad but i am not sure what will lie on in the near future. I'll just have to try and smile more.. not working too well but hope someone can give me some advice..

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2007

You sound very anxious about this situation you are experiencing. It reminds me of how I used to feel as a teenager. I now know that I have been suffering from anxiety/depression most of my life and my fears about my friends or social situations were due to an imbalance in the chemistry of my brain which made me overly anxious about all sorts of things. Being overly anxious and needing constant reassurance is a natural turn off for other people who do not understand how you are feeling and looking back I think I lost many friends because of how I felt. Unfortunately I never had a choice and medication prescribed to me by a psychiatrist is the only thing I have found which has finally changed the way I think about social situations. Perhaps you need to speak with your local doctor and ask them if you could be suffering from anxiety depression. If I had been diagnosed when I was in my teenage years my life would have been completely different to what it is now. Best of luck to you - I hope this helps.

I hope your friends come around. Maybe one time you should talk to them and get it all sorted out. Things will be fine. I never had a close friend so I don't know how it is to lose a close friend. But I hope things workout for you.