Suffering From Depression

2 years ago my grandfather died, hes was more like my father than my real one was. he was my bestfriend and i could talk to him about anything and he would help me. he died in my room on april 2 2005 two days before my birthday.i havent been the same ever since. i used to always be happy and now im sooo angry at myself and everyone else. and it doesnt help that my grandmother died 9 months later and she was also my bestfriend and always there for me. she died from depression and anorexia. she was with my grandfather since she was 11 and when she died she was 60 they have been togeather for a very very very long time but when my grandfather died shre stopped eating and died too. honestly i dont think i can live anymore without them :(
AnitaUknown AnitaUknown
18-21, F
Mar 26, 2007