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I'm Suffering

It's taking over my soul, but no one will ever know because I'm too proud. Silently screaming in the crowd wanting to conversate, but my thoughts are too loud. Still I smile thinking one day I'll be free no way this misery will get the best of me. That is if this disguise isn't the death of me. Still Id rather die then let them see
I'm suffering
1krazychick 1krazychick 22-25, F 3 Responses Mar 25, 2012

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I know how you are feeling. I deal with my depression on my own as well mainly because I don't see the point in anything. Im afraid to give advice or say anything on here because my thoughts are so pitch black and sad. I have family and things in my life that many would say are worth living for but I don't see it. I hurt too much to respond to anything outside of myself. Its crippling. I become more distant and removed emotionally each day. I don't know what keeps me going.

I'm the same way my depression is getting worse yet I don't want to tell anyone about it. Im having suicidal thoughts Im strong to fight it but I don't know how long. Some days I can't even get out of bed or I want to give up no one knows our pain how can do. Were prisoners to our emotions. And everyday life. Depression never goes away it coes when you least expect. Please speak up and say something it's going going to get worst

Don't be too proud, that pride will block you from the freedom of depression one day. Start screaming, not necessarily in the crowd, or to those you don't want to know you're suffering. You can scream here, or you can scream to professionals. But please don't let your rot away. It's not worth it.

Thanks I appreciate this advise. I do need to let go of the pride it's just so difficult because alot of people have hurt me and still are they're just waiting for me to break and I don't want to give them the satisfaction

Ah, but you can decide not the be hurt by them. That is where your pride should be aimed at. You don't need to show them how they hurt you.
Remember, people only can hurt you if you let them. And those who want to hurt you, will hurt you if they see it's working. Use your pride there.
Not everyone needs to know you're suffering, just the few you CAN trust, and who WILL support you. You're here, and here you can scream and show your hurt, or even break, in all anonimity. You can alway contact me via this site.
Keep breathing, that maybe corny, but the simplest advice that will keep you up.

You aRe so right ! I'm working on my sensitivity thanks <3