Fighting Depression

I just found this site yesterday.  I recently moved from a big city to a small town-major culture shock, from living a life of not enough time to too much time on hand.  With that, depression has arised and I thought I could fight it off but I'm finding myself getting deeper into darkness and to the point of thinking harmful thoughts.....I've started waking up every morning around 5 and having anxiety attacks.  I started taking my meds again but not working yet.  I have friends but they're too far away and they have their lives too and I don't want to bring them down with my depression everytime we talk, so I hide my feelings alot and keep it to myself.  I know were all here because we're all feeling the same darkness that keeps weighing us down, struggling day after day just so that darkness is here so that we can sleep to not feel the pain.  But if we can all be support group for one another it would really help me tremendously.  I am and always will be very honest and not judgemental to anyone.  Please help!
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All i can say is that you are by no way alone. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, i'm not sure if that is any different then any other type of depression. But like many people here and many who battle depression, there is usally things from our past that brought the depression on. I think depression all by itself is hard enough to deal with and sadly people who don't have depression I don't think truly understand that it is different from just feeling very sad. I know for myself, while i am batteling this horrid disease that one of the worse things for me would be to change my living situation. For me, keeping the status-quo is really important so as not to trigger my depression even more, and culture-shock is about the last thing any depressed person needs to add to their plate. I'm going to write you a private message shortly after I finish this comment. From one depressed person to another, i send you a caring hug!!

Hi there, I'm also battling depression and as a way to fight it I've recently setup an online community where I hope people will post their experiences and offer mutual support the website link is<br />
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the idea behind the community is to share experiences on depression and to mutually support people as we experience and fight depression. Please feel free to visit and post a comment about your own experiences. I'd love to hear from you.

I know how you feel - only I can't turn my brain off to sleep. I have nightmares all night long about all the things that I have anxiety about. It's a dark place to be and I don't know how to open the blinds to let the light in.

Welcome to the community. The people in this group should understand, as they have gone through the same thing. We suggest you message them if they don't respond directly to this post.