It Is Me And You, And You, You....

and we are far too many, and noone is alone.
When i first entered this portal, i did because i thought i could share my story and get some feedback, some understandance, some words to comfort this terrible pain.
After reading your stories though, i realized that i am not alone.
Me and most probably all of you live in coservative societies, that are immature to deal with depression or feelings close to that, societies that just hide all under a 'carpet' and only care to gossip about your issue, behaviour even new hair cut. Do you also feel alone?
My point through this story, is whatever the reason, experience, fact, lead us to this difficult situation to handle, for me at least, it is a great comfort to see that other people face this too, i am not the creep, like my society faces me, and that giving feedback to each other, we can maybe help someone feel better, do you think?
Please, i dont want to be misunderstood. I am not happy that there are people in trouble too.
I feel better though when i read opinions from people that know exaclty what it feels like, and do not bullshit about great life lessons and all these quotes that never help, on the contrary can even hurt you more.
Thank you all guys.
Hope we all get out of this soon.

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2012

I do manage a little bit better, like you the best time is the time I sleep, but what I really enjoy these days is that period before I fall asleep. You see I tell myself cheerful stories, imagine myself in wonderful places, doing amazing things. things that will never happen to me in real life. it is my escape from the slavery of getting by in life. And each time I imagine a happy story as i fall to sleep I do a little better in real life. I guess its gives me a 15% advantage in any given day .. not substantial but not be be dismissed either. There is always a path through the darkness

There is no maturity to it at all ... I KNOW from experience if I go to sleep with negative thoughts I awake the same way .. and so given that I can control what I think as I slip away .. then why the hell not think grandiose thoughts. My friend has horrible zombie dreams, you know something in MY horrible zombie dreams I'm in a COMBINE HARVESTER

Meh it ain't so bad ... smiling is overrated .. consider all the possibilities that dark and sullen have to offer .. ;-) <br />
<br />
We beat ourselves up thinking why cant we be like all these millions of happy people ... only to find out they are all on here here being miserable ... <br />
<br />
I reckon there is a step beyond still, there are some heart wrenching balads out there .. no 'happy' person wrote those ... I'm just saying ...