Improved But Not Cured

My life has been SO much better since my divorce. I never feel hopeless anymore and have been anticipating that SOMEDAY I will be able to go off my antidepressant. Even my mom comments I am a totally different person. I don't think I'm quite ready to go off my meds yet. I ran out and it's been about 3 days and I'm feeling it today. Plus, I didn't get much sleep today and my hormones are a little screwy (menopausalish). A lot of chaos was going on at work when I got here and everybody was getting on my nerves! Plus, Algy is real busy on the weekends and doesn't call or text much and I go into withdrawals from lack of flirtatious attention. So, I called Walgreens and I'll pick up my script on my way home in the am.

bleedingheartconservative bleedingheartconservative
51-55, F
May 12, 2008