I'm Too Tired to Feel Nemore

 I am angry all the time and sad at the same time.  How does that happen.   I dont understand the things that go on in my head.  I can't control them.  All i want to do is sit here and drink n pop pills (that I don't have) and watch the cars drive by.  This life that I created for myself is pointless and I will never make a good wife.
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4 Responses Mar 30, 2007

So... here I am months after this entry and I have not felt this way since I wrote this. I have started reading "the Secret" and I encourage everyone to read it. It has helped me realize that all the things that have happened to me and are happening to me are what I asked for my projecting it out there. Thank you all for your support and comments. You are a wonderful support system here. I love me and love life. FIrst time in a long time. I'm excited about my future and my wedding to come. I deserve it all and will have it! =) thanks to you and blessings to you all... you deserve it too.

i have been clinically depressed since i was 24, i'm 45 and all i can sat=y despite what feels like an ongoing battle it seriously can get better, but i know how it feels when u think it will NEVER get better. Your life is NOT pointless, though it may feel that way sometimes. i bet (Lord i hope i'm right) that if u FORCED urself, with pen and paer u could come up wiyh at least 5 positive things about urself, oor things that u did, and there is NOTHING pointless to that list, LORD even if u can only force urself to admit to 1 positie thing .... than u KNOW ur life has not been pointless .... so there you go, i challenge u ;)

I noticed that you said "this life I've created for myself" well if this one isn't working for you then create another one. That's what I've decided to do and I've never been happier.

Sweety it is very normal to be angry and sad at the same time ... its actually called a mixed episode ... have you been checked for any sort of mental illness ?? and sweety dont think your a bad wife .... its not your fault you may feel like you lost yourself but the truth is shes inside you somewhere ... and when you feel well she WILL COME BACK !!! <br />
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